A Retirement Haven for Elderly Cats.

Welcome to Jack's CatShack

 Jack's CatShack is a haven for elderly cats.  We provide a home for cats 10 yrs. or older who have been surrendered to our local shelter due to their owner becoming too ill to care for them, their owners passing away or they are just no longer wanted. 

They are the hard to adopt out ones, the "less" desirable ones.  We give them a home where they are loved and cared for the rest of their live. 

We currently have 2 buildings, the shack and the cottage with 3 attached enclosed yards and can hold up to 25 cats.

Our Mission is simple, provide a caring, loving, cage-free home for homeless elderly cats to live their days out.

Bailey                                                                             Tigger and Cleo


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e-mail                                                    address   4868 E Edison St.  Tucson, AZ 85712

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